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    “What do you secretly yearn for?” How can you bring some (some more) of this into your life - however little? 



    This is an oldie, but still a great question to ask yourself. Give it some thought then look for a meaningful goal or action and begin moving towards it. Fiona Crane




    questioningA few weeks ago, I met with an old friend to catch up over coffee. She had lost her job and despite plenty of interviews has been unable to find another.

    “What’s wrong with me?” she asked. “Why won’t someone offer me a job?”

    She wasn’t conscious of the questions she was asking. They just bubbled up, but they were good examples of bad questions.

    The questions we ask ourselves are powerful. They can fire hope and lead to new ideas. They can also destroy hope and keep us stuck in a bad mind set.

    The key is to be intentional and choose our questions carefully.

    For example, when something bad happens we automatically


    panic-buttonOne of the worst manifestations of suffering from excessive stress and anxiety is a physical reaction of your body to the situation. It’s like your body is telling you that you need to rest for a moment. But when you’re having a panic attack, it’s anything BUT restful.

    These are some of the main tell-tale warning signs of an oncoming panic attack.


    depression-anxiety-stress-quizBefore you begin, let me remind you that I am not a medical professional. This information has come from reliable sources and from my experiences with the many clients I have worked with. It isn’t meant to be a complete diagnostic tool in any way.

    These quizzes are simply guidelines to help you recognize any problems you may have and help you deal with them effectively.


    boswelliaFrankincense (Boswellia carteri) is a powerful and precious essential oil that is an absolute must at this time of year. It is made from the milky white resin that exudes from small incisions made in the bark of a small African tree. The resin forms in small tear shaped amber coloured drops, that are harvested and distilled into this uniquely scented, pale yellow essence.


    carpal tunnelMost of us have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, but not many of us know what it is;

    The carpal tunnel is essentially an archway made of bone. When your palm is face up, the bony arch is upside down, with the top of the arch toward the back of your wrist. Across the bottom open end of the arch, a thickened band of connective tissue (the flexor retinaculum) crosses to close off the arch and create a "tunnel." This tunnel is the pathway for many of the tendons of the forearm flexor muscles (which control hand movement and grip) as they run down from their respective muscles in the forearm and into the fingers and palm. The median nerve also crosses the wrist through the carpal tunnel alongside the tendons.


    ferrarif430This may come naturally to those who think in visual images, but it is something we should all be practicing when speaking positive affirmations.

    It is most effective when you have a little quiet time and you can sit down, close your eyes and strengthen your words with your senses.

    Let’s use the Ferrari example; Owning a Ferrari may represent the pinnacle of success for some. It may be the only affirmation they ever use because they know that they will only come to own one through reaching monetary wealth.